Ellis Family Markets is more that just a Grocery Store. We're a Marketplace providing you many services that will put A Smile in Every Aisle!

Feeling Lucky? Both Ellis Markets are Maine Lottery Agents.

Just don't know what to buy for that hard-to-gift Friend? Both Ellis Market have a nice variety of Gift Cards.

By the Way, Do you need postage to send that Gift Card? Both Ellis Markets sell Postage Stamps.

After the Party, Do you want to print those pictures from the day? Both Ellis Markets have Photo Printing Service.

Are your Sporting Licenses expiring? Our Patten Store sells Hunting and Fishing Licenses.

Low On Cash? Ellis East Millinocket has an in-store ATM.

Want to see the latest Comedy, Thriller, Action/Adventure movie, or having Friends over to play the latest Video Games? There's a Red Box kiosk in both Ellis Markets.